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Dezeen on YAMoPo

The people at Archdaily have compiled a list of the most popular architecture and design websites in the world - and Dezeen is at number 3!

We come in behind Inhabitat and MoCoLoco in the YAMoPo (Yet Another Most Popular) 2008 Architecture Sites Ranking, in both the "architecture and related" category (for sites that aren't just about architecture) and the "overall" category.

By the way, Dezeen posted it's biggest ever traffic figures in June, with 668,152 unique visitors, while traffic for the second quarter of 2008 was a record 1,940,855 uniques - up more than 10% on the previous quarter. Once again, thanks to all our loyal readers for Dezeen's explosive growth since we launched a little over 18 months ago.

In fact our traffic is getting so heavy that we are moving to a new, dedicated server later this summer - more news on that soon (assuming you give a damn about that kind of thing).