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In Vino Veritas by Matali Crasset

Designer Matali Crasset will present In Vino Veritas at the Gandy Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia, in September.


The project includes a collection of glass objects used for drinking wine.


"When in a state of drunkenness Man is expansive, saying the truth that on an empty stomach escapes him," says Crasset. "But wine is at his image and cannot lie either.


"Since a couple of years, I am interested in the phenomenon of natural wine. As I researched the subject I was surprised to discover that Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, was the one to set the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Knowledge, transmission and cultures are intimately linked."


The exhibition opens 22 September to 22 November 2008.


The following information is from Gandy Gallery:


For her second solo exhibition at Gandy Gallery, and her first in Slovakia, Matali Crasset developed a new project around the topic of wine.


In terms of geography, the country of Slovakia is surrounded by Hungarian and Austrian wines. This project will bring together new objects designed in glass, produced in Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as a new series of numeric drawings.


This exhibition brings together a series of glass projects around the archetypal form of the bottle. Sometimes the bottle is complete to incorporate the ritual, and is no longer in charge of simply containing but becomes a participant. Simple attributes are enough to transform the bottle into another signification.

In other instances a dialogue is established and the bottle departs from its conventional status to become expansive and talkative in the image of wine.

These objects do not belong to the oenological realm, they are to be understood as interpretations of rituals symbolic of wine.

A publication will be made at the occasion of this exhibition.

With the support of French Institut, Bratislava.
Opening september 23 at 6 p.m with Matali Crasset.
Exhibition 22-09/22-11, 2008