Kelly Marklove at New Designers

New Designers 08: Middlesex University graduate Kelly Marklove presented a range of inkwells and writing tools at New Designers in London last month.


Articles for writing, drawing and marking are arranged around a central block of ash, which becomes stained over time with excess ink.


"This series of mark-making tools is based on the notion that marks and stains give suggestions of what has been and thus give a life and history to an object," explains Marklove.


"As well as supporting the inkwells, the wooden blocks act as a blot for excess ink, preserving the stains rather than disregarding them."


"The porcelain inkwells are stained with ink and in time will change with use."


"The pens have been developed from tools I use myself for mark making and drawing. Because they are hand made each pen differs from the next, making the quality of line it produces unique."