Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew at Peel Gallery

Here are some images from an exhibition of work by Dutch designers Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew at Peel Gallery in Houston, USA, which closes tomorrow.


Work is displayed in house-shaped units. "The use of bare wood is little wink to the crates where the expensive art pieces normally are transported in and normally are never seen by public," says Habraken.


Habraken's Silhouette Stickers were launched by Blik Surface Graphics earlier this summer.


Here's some more information from the designers:


Peel Gallery (Houston, USA) Show

The exhibition at Peel Gallery by studio Jan Habraken and byAMT is a symbolic one in many ways. SJH and byAMT are separate companies but they do work and live under the same roof as they are partners in daily life as well. Although both grew up in the Netherlands and educated at the Design Academy in EIndhoven they feel that they work very differently and have distinctively different styles. Although for the avarage outsider it may feel like a dutch way of designing the road to the end product differs tremendously.


Where Alissia likes to work from a conceptual start and by experimenting and prototyping let a product grow in her mind. Jan is much more of a fast designer, fast ideas are immediately materialised in the computer and by sifting through these large amounts of designs only the best ideas will see the daylight. This way of working automaticly leads to different clients and designs.


Studio Jan Habraken is much more orientated towards the mass producing companies where Alissia is leaning towards autonomous designs and small design houses. Because of this way of working Alissia focusses much more on smaller products, which are easy to prototype and to play with. Studio Jan Habraken however is also focussing on architectural design like interiors and exhibition design. Altogether this way of working has resulted in a vast variety of designs.


This diversity is represented at Peel Gallery by slicing a house up in seperate sections. A studio Jan Habraken part with unique objects mixed with prototypes and manufactured objects. A byAMT part that shows prototypes and products made over the last years. And the last house is called the "shop" as this is where their manufactured products are shown and sold; Wall Graphics for Blik, Clocks for Kikkerland, InsideOut Glassware for Charles & Marie as well as the Hand ME-ror, etc etc. And their only joint venture, theTreehooked coathook for Van Esch.


Only one side of the houses is closed to give the possibility to really take a look at slices of Jan en Alissia's life and work and leaving the possibility to grow in the future.


The houses were especially designed for Peel Gallery. They litteraly have their own space inside this beautiful Art and design Gallery in Houston.


Bio Jan Habraken

Dutch industrial designer Jan Habraken studied architecture at the Design Academy Einhoven, the influence of which can be seen in much of his design. After years of collaborating with the successful design firm WATdesign, Habraken set off on his own and founded Studio Jan Habraken, now based in Brooklyn. This studio spans various disciplines including furniture, product, and exhibit design, and architecture. The success of Habraken's designs is attributed to his combination of the classic and the quirky and his understanding of his roles as designer, manufacturer, and retailer. Habraken collaborates with his wife, designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew (BY:AMT), and other designers on various projects including the new line of furniture silhouettes for blik.


Bio Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of BY:AMT Inc, formerly known as Alissia MT Design, is a New World-Old World mash-up. The daughter of a French mother and U.S.father, she was born and raised in the Netherlands. She is a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and holds a Master of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (USA). After stints in Paris, San Francisco (IDEO), and Boston (Puma International), she finally alighted in New York, her true home. She now lives and works in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn..

Alissia’s transcontinental background is reflected in her fluidity and fluency of her designs. Attuned to the latest design innovations, trends, and materials, she infuses her work with her own unique, charismatic personality and mischievous sensibility. Her products are savvy, sophisticated, and witty: the archetypical diamond ring rendered in candy-colored acrylic, ceramic plates folded in easy-to-hold shapes (Handful of Plates), a mirror that transposes the viewer’s face over an iconic image of feminine beauty (ME-ror).