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OKAY Studio at The Aram Gallery

London-based designers OKAY Studio will exhibit their work at The Aram Gallery this month, in a show called Under the Same Roof.


Work by Shay Alkalay, Tomas Alonso, Jordi Canudas, Mathias Hahn, Peter Marigold, Yael Mer, Oscar Narud, Hiroko Shiratori and Jorre van Ast will be on show. Top image: End table by Peter Marigold. Above: Slap Dash by Oscar Narud.


The London gallery will be divided up to represent the different designers' work spaces. Above: Cavities by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay.


The ceiling will be covered with sketches, sketch models, workshop jigs and failed projects from the studio. Above and below: Clamp a Leg by Jorre van Ast.


The exhibition will be open 18 September – 8 November 2008 at the gallery in London. Below: No 7 Chair.


Photographs by Luke Hayes.

The following information is from The Aram Gallery:


OKAY Studio is a collective of individual designers sharing a bit more than a workspace. Each has broken their own ground, with some also working for leading design studios while others work on consultancy projects. As a collective they share a drive to generate self-initiated projects, produce work with their own clients and exhibit in galleries and museums internationally. This will be the first curated exhibition of the group. Coming from different countries, all nine designers at OKAY Studio met while studying on the Royal College of Art’s Design Products course, and have continued working alongside each other, sharing resources and sometimes collaborating on client work and exhibitions.


Under the Same Roof will be a unique insight into the way this group has set up their way of working in London. The exhibition will transform the Aram Gallery into a series of ‘rooms’ that will represent the working spaces of each of the members of the studio, reflecting on how they operate successfully as colleagues rather than as a branded consultancy. Above and below: Elipse table by Peter Marigold.


Collectively, the exhibition will explore how, just as in London, many different approaches to life and a creative existence are possible under the same roof offering insight into the ambient ongoing process of being a designer in London today. The ‘roof’, or ceiling, of the gallery will be a unique installation of drawings, sketch models, workshop jigs, failed projects and other studio ephemera that form each of the members’ daily studio existence. Below: Mr Light series.


Under the Same Roof will exhibit the work of: Shay Alkalay, Tomas Alonso, Jordi Canudas, Mathias Hahn, Peter Marigold, Yael Mer, Oscar Narud, Hiroko Shiratori and Jorre van Ast.


The Aram Gallery is delighted to invite these nine emerging professionals to exhibit new and, as yet, unseen work and promises to deliver an exciting addition to the Gallery’s award-winning programme from previous years (Stage by Jaime Hayon, 2006 London Design Festival Icon Magazine Trail, Best in Show). Above and below: Copper lantern by Mathias Hahn.


Curator: Daniel Charny
Assistant Curator: Alison Norris
Director: Zeev Aram


Above: Bish Bosh by Oscar Narud.

Exhibition open 18 September – 8 November 2008
Open Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm (Thurs until 7pm)

The Aram Gallery,
110 Drury Lane,
London, WC2B 5SG


Above and below: Tailored Wood by Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay.


Below: Tan mirrors by Peter Marigold.


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