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Robert Stadler at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Dissipations, an exhibition of work by designer Robert Stadler, opens at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris this weekend.

Works on show include this series of furniture pieces made of stacked boards that are lacquered or upholstered. Above: "Possible Plateform" 2008

Above: "Possible Low-Table" 2008.

Above: "Possible Meridienne" 2008.

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Here's some info about the exhibition from Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin:


Robert STADLER "Dissipations"

76 rue de Turenne : 6 septembre - 14 octobre 2008

Robert Stadler works in all of the various design fields, erasing the hierarchy between the freelance proposal and the industrial commission. He mingles with ventures intended for the greater use as well as for experimental projects. His realizations are constantly taking on different shapes.

One of his earlier projects, entitled "Do Cut" (2000), is an abstract object without typology. It is sold with a saw; this way the owner can then modify the shape of the piece and decide on its function throughout the years to come. The artistic work by Robert Stadler finds a real echo, borrowing as much as from design as from contemporary art. One example is the suspension entitled "Alquimista" (2003), realized in the favela Rocinha of Rio, it is made of materials used for the decoration of the carnival, or "Pools&Pouf!" (2004) a series of elements covered with leather upholstered in the Chesterfield style.

For "Dissipations", his first solo show at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Robert Stadler presents a body of new projects: among them a platform made of several superimposed modules, in such a way of layers. It encompasses a mysterious force seeming to have disturbed the static order of the elements, reorganized according to a fluctuating logic. The various materials correspond to the different functions of the piece: lacquered wood for the shelves and fabric for the other parts.

There is also another series that is composed of a chair and a table intentionally made for the garden. This series is named "Rest in Peace", which was initiated in 2004, and holds a balance between furniture and sculpture. Based on the print of the standard garden chair, it is no longer made of plastic, but out of cast aluminum and then painted in white. A multitude of orifices, holes, tears and laces are created all over the object leading to the fragility that threatens their initial purpose.

This series of furniture represents the metaphor of the acceleration of time and the disappearance of the objects. Robert Stadler belongs to the collective RADI Designers created in 1992. Since 2000, he has worked solo while continuing his collaborations with the group simutaneously.