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New products by Viable London

Designers Viable London launched three new products during the London Design Festival earlier this month.


The products include a lounge chair, stools, and shelving made with renewable and recycled materials, including cork, pine, felt and wool.

The following information is from Viable London:


Corker Lounge Chair (above)
Corker is a low lounge chair with a cork seat and simple pinewood frame. Inherently, cork retains its own ambient temperature and provides a comfortable seat whilst the structural pinewood frame is constructed with dowel connection pins and uses a relatively small amount of material. Both of the construction materials are from managed, renewable sources and, although designed to serve a long life, are also biodegradable.


Spiral Stools (above)
Combining felt produced from shredded unwanted clothing with sheet cork, Spiral Stools are tightly rolled by hand to make a ‘vertical Swiss-roll’. Layers of tonal wool are then spun around the outside to secure the felt and cork in place.


These prototypes form the first in a series by Viable London which will make use of the simple, low-tech manufacture technique. There are plans to investigate other combinations of cord and sheet material compinations.


Slat Shelves (below)
As part of their exploration into the materials and processes that reduce the potential environmental impact of product manufacture, Slat Shelves are an alternative storage solution constructed entirely using rectangular section FSC pine. The horizontal timber members sit on top of vertical slats which run perpendicular, providing a surface on top and support strength underneath. The uprights also act as book stops.