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Library bus by Muungano

Peter Thuvander and Martin Hedenström of Swedish design group Muungano have won the Swedish Library Bus of the Year award for this library bus.


The library bus, designed for the town of Kiruna, won the award from the Swedish Librarian Society.


The bus incorporates a library, small cinema, computer games, a sofa for listening to music and internet access.


The graphics were designed by Fredrik Forsberg of THEY GRAPHICS.


The following is from Peter Thuvander:


I and Martin Hedenström from Muungano got the chance to design a library bus for the northern town of Kiruna. As it happens it´s now done. And have won the prize ´Library bus of the year´ given by the Swedish librarian society.


The function of the new bus is to supply a larger service, where new digital media is presented as well as traditional printed material. Except from distributing media the bus will also function as a place for people to communicate on the web and enable meetings between different groups in the society.

Because of the lack of sunlight during most of the year in the north the bus will be like a lantern when dark to attract people and light up the surroundings. The bus includes a library, a small cinema, computer games, a music listening couch, internet station and personal service. The graphics are made by fellow designers Fredrik Forsberg at THEY GRAPHICS.