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Dezeen x Design Association container design competition winners

Here are photographs of the five winning installations from the Dezeen x Design Association container design competition to win a free exhibition space in Tokyo during Tokyo Designers Week.


Asif Khan and Peter Liversidge from the UK (top), Luis Eslava - Diego Ramos from Spain (above and below), and Creative Cluster, EP3 Musashino University and The Nature Sound Orchestra from Japan were each given a free 20ft shipping container at the Container Ground exhibition at Jingu-Gaien in central Tokyo, plus an installation and construction budget of up to 200,000 Yen.


Entries were judged by a panel consisting of Design Association president and art director Katsumi Asaba, Design Association executive director Kenji Kawasaki and Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

Photographs by Luke Hayes; captions provided by the designers.


Above and below: 20ft x 20 lights x 5 days by Asif Khan and Peter Liversidge, UK. See our previous story.

We propose to create a dynamic space of light and colour architecture within our 20ft container. This will be the first exhibit of the first collaboration between architect Asif Khan, 28 and artist Peter Liversidge, 34.


Within the container space we will show 20 of our “Tetra” multi-coloured light fitting prototypes which we have been designing and developing together during 2008. These have just been completed and not yet seen in public or by manufacturers. The lights are made from cnc machined aluminium and hand-blown glass.


The light components are fully modular. They connect easily into diverse arrangements therefore creating great opportunites for diverse space and light arrangement.


Above and below: Creative Cluster Digital Moving Gallery, Japan.
When coming this century, advanced technologies are able to use with flexible by individual artists and designers. According of the situation, emerging new generation art and design talents are shown "wonder" by merging into new media art and design.


OKADA Tomohiro, a curator for showing such emerging new generation talents on new media art and design field presents works as small interior with "wonder" by new media art and design.


Above and below: Photon Garden by EP3 Musashino University, Japan.
Sixteen hundred light emitting diodes (LED) are floating with the four hundred translucent tubes planted on the ground. The garden of 3.24 square meters presents the luminous patters of various movements.


The system unit converts projected monochrome images into luminous intensity of LED through photo sensors. Therefore, the subdivided and fragmented two dimensional motion graphics are reconstructed into a three-dimensional photon movement. Photon Garden is placed on the end corner of the container. The inner walls of mirror reflect the photons infinitely. The simple optical effects give the closed small space various scale images from our daily surroundings to the infinite universe.


Above: The Nature Sound Orchestra, Japan.

Feel the most beautiful sound of the Earth in our space!

We are a sound scape design team. This sound is recorded the nature sound of all over the world. This time, our exhibition is the space full of the nature sound . Their sounds were recorded by the dummy head : a condenser stereo microphone. We mixed the nature sound and piano and sax to emphasize the nature sound. We use multi sound system in this container. Multi sound system = Sympho Cambas®.


Above and top two images: Tyvek World by Luis Enslava - Diego Ramos from Spain.

This collection of products explores the specifyc properties of Tyvek. Tyvek is the is a brand of flashspun highdensity polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or any other sharp object. Water vapor can pass through Tyvek, but not liquid water. One of the most popular applications of Tyvek is in the construction industry, but thanks to it’s properties is been used in the graphic industry, in the industrial and medical packaging, and to create covers, envelopes and protective appareal.

This is the first time that this material is used to create a collection of furniture pieces. This collection tries to explore all the specifyc characteristics of this material in combination with other materials and differents industrial process. We cut it, fold it, punch it, sew it, glue it, paint it, and combine it with latex, resins and foams to create a family of objects called TYVEK WORLD. Each element explores an specyfic property combined with a specyfic technic.

The collection is formed by five elements:

WRINKLE`S BEAUTY is a chair made of an internal structure of expansive foam and wrinkled and sewed tyvek as a cover.

CLOUD is a stool that use the same technic of Wrinkle’s chair but in this case the inside
structure is made of steel.

HO-HOLE is a light that explore the translucidens of Tyvek. In this case the material is punched, sewed and glued.

GEO-VASE is a vase made of different geometric pieces hot glued.

FLOW is a carpet that combine sewed tyvek and latex.