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The Third Space at Designers' Saturday

Students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, have created an installation called The Third Space, which is woven from more than a million cable ties.


The environment was constructed at Designers' Saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland, last weekend.


The project was led by lecturers from Greutmann Bolzern design studio.


Photographs by Oliver Sachs.

Here's some more information from Greutmann Bolzern:


„Der Dritte raum - the third space“– at Designers´ Saturday 2008

An installation of the study course „interior architecture“ of the academy of fine arts munich

From november 8th and 9th, 2008 „the third space“ is exhibit at the annual „Designers´ Saturday“ in Langenthal (Switzerland) which is one of the most important design events in Switzerland. After great success in Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne, München 15.02.2008 – 18.05.2008) and Dresden (Ostrale 2008, 05.-09.09.2008), the installation now shows up in new modifictaion.

The installation is meant as an experiment which combines the work of all three divisions the course „interior architecture“ consists of (interior design, product design and designing in free space). To communicate the trans-disciplinary basic idea of the study course in full size, 52 students created an installation in order to make interior space sensible instead of just showing a retrospect of the students work. The project deals with sociological terms such as profiling, community or privacy and translates them into specific spacious situations. Is there any interior design without form, style and spirit of age? What are the real qualities of good design? How do interior corresponds with outdoor spaces? The visitor is dipping into an abstract/concrete light/landscape. There are several seatings reminding the visitor of a bird´s nest and inviting for „cocooning“.

Maybe you want to take a very special bath awaiting you in the „light-shower“? Get playful by exploring a tent-like structure being made of spiderweb-like braided mesh. All objects are mainly made of cable straps. The students – organised in teams – explored meshes, patterns and splices and also created the exhibition concept. It´s astounding to find out such sensuous quality, various capability and great flexibility within this material. 52 students not only created this 200qm space installation but also realized the concept by their own hands during 16 870 hours of work with 1 292 300 recyclable cable straps.