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Competition: five Mr Jones Watches to be won

Dezeen have teamed up with designer Crispin Jones to offer readers the chance to win five of the latest design in the Mr Jones Watches collection, The New Decider.


The words 'yes' and 'no' are alternately displayed under a magnifying dome on the watch face, allowing the user to make a quick decision by glancing at their watch.


This competition has now closed.


Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter to get details of future competitions, as well as regular updates from Dezeen and details of new jobs on Dezeenjobs.


Here's some more information from  Mr Jones Watches:


Mr Jones Watches has added The New Decider to our permanent collection.

The New Decider is an interactive watch - it helps you make decisions. As the seconds tick round the words “yes” and “no” are alternately displayed. When you need to make a decision, simply glance at the watch for your answer (or if you are inclined to cheat you can pull up the winding crown to temporarily stop the mechanism). A magnifying dome sits just above the answer window to aid visibility.

The New Decider may not always give the correct answer, but as Tony Soprano observes,“a wrong decision is better than indecision”.

The New Decider is priced £100 ($130 / €115)


Muse information

Mr Jones Watches commissioned photographer Chris Overend to create portraits of five muses - people whose work or life thematically links them to the new series of Mr Jones watches.

The New Decider is paired with retired top-flight football referee David Elleray. In Mr Elleray's career he made a vast number of decisions - a career total of 246 red cards and 2064 yellow are testament to this. The New Decider is a watch that helps referee the wearer's life - as the seconds tick round the words “yes” and “no” are alternately displayed in the decision-window. Whenever a decision is called for the wearer can glance at their wrist for an answer!

Congratulations to the winners! Matthew Clarke in Australia, József Martinkó in Hungary, MatthewWong in Canada, Sam Trenerry in the UK and Silvia Bottinelli in Italy all won New Decider watches by Crispin Jones.