Design Miami Chat Shows: Julia Lohmann

The third of our Design Miami Chat Shows filmed in Miami last month features young designer Julia Lohmann.

Filmedat Design Miami in front of a live audience, Lohmann talks about the five images (including a flock of sheep and some intestines) she selected in response to the Design Miami Chat Shows brief: My Design Life in Five Images.

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Design Miami Chat Shows are supported by Fendi.

Here's a biography of Lohmann:

Julia Lohmann

Born in Hildesheim, Germany, Julia Lohmann became interested in design on childhood walks with her father, on which they collected abandoned objects to create small figurines of strange, imaginative creatures.

This dual interest in both the natural world and overlooked items led her to investigate the contradictions inherent in our relationship to animals as sources of food and materials. By working with offal, leather and other meat industry waste products, she probes these contradictions while conferring value onto ‘leftovers.’ In Flock and Ruminant Bloom, sheep stomachs are used to create glowing lighting fixtures.

Her recent work includes The Catch, a vast ‘ocean’ of used, empty fish boxes arranged into a towering wave of a stormy sea, which confronts the viewer with the consequences of over-fishing as well as promotes the ongoing development of kelp as a viable design material. In 2008, Julia was a winner of the Designer of the Future Award at Design Miami/ Basel.