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Slim Office by Bertjan Pot

Cologne 09: manufacturers Arco launched a collection of office furniture by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot at Design Post in Cologne, Germany, yesterday.


Called Slim Office, the range is an adaptation of Pot's Slim table design, made from oak veneer on steel.


Accessories are attached with magnets and include a drawer, pen holders and privacy panel.


Pot also designed a wall-mounted magnet board and a chair called Skinny for the office range.


The following information is from Arco:

Slim Office
design Bertjan Pot

The innovative character of Bertjan Pot’s Slim table has already garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the Dutch Design Award 2007 and the IF Gold Award 2008.


The secret to this whisper-thin yet very solid table is its unique steel-sandwich construction, which features a layer of wood.


Steel also plays a leading role in ‘Slim Office’, which employs the Slim table as a desk: magnets are used to attach all of the functions and accessories to the table and therefore everything can be moved around.


This combination of elegance and high tech innovation presents the utmost freedom and user-friendliness. The quirky design of the Skinny Office chair ties it all together.


Material: oak veneer on sandwich construction
Dimensions(cms): 190x90x75 / 210x90x75 / 240x90x75 / 280x90x75
Accessories: privacy panel, cable management magnets, drawer, adapter storage unit, wastepaper basket, magnet board with magnets and pen holders