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Snap Chair by Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid has created a chair for Belgian furniture brand Feek featuring a two-colour seat of two parts that snap together.


The chair consists of a metal frame, which supports two expanded-polypropylene pieces that form the seat and backrest.


It was launched at Interieur 08 in Kortrijk, Belgium, in October.


Here's some text from Karim Rashid:


Snap Chair

The chair is 99% recyclable and a perfect example of “Cradle to Cradle” design.

Using only three different parts, metal frame (1x), Expanded Poly Propylene seat half (2x) and plastic stopper (4x), the entire lifecycle of Snap was considered during the design process.

Made out of 100% recyclable EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) the seat contains 95% air and only 5% material making it very lightweight.

You can design your own snap chair by combining 2 colors and can be easy upholstered by customers.