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Ominous by Monica Förster

Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish designer Monica Förster has created an installation called Ominous, on show at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, this week.


The installation consists of black, bird-shaped pieces, barbed wire and structures representing telegraph poles.


Here's some more information from Nordic Light Hotel:


OMINOUS – a dark installation by Monica Förster at Nordic Light Hotel during Stockholm Design Week

This year’s guest designer, Monica Förster, will be creating a spine-tingling atmosphere at Nordic Light Hotel during Stockholm Design Week, with the help of some barbed wire and 1,500 black birds. From 4 February up until April, guests and the general public will have the chance to experience Monica’s installation, which is inspired by Hitchcock’s film, The Birds.


We all remember that scene where Melanie is sitting outside the school and the birds start landing behind her*… Birds can be cute and sweet but also rather ominous.

*classic scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Birds (1963)


A huge flock of black birds, crude materials, barbed wire and telegraph poles all combine to create a unique and unexpected encounter in the lobby at Nordic Light Hotel. Monica plays with the feeling of uncertainty. Are the birds just landing – or are they about to attack?


Monica Förster worked on the “Ominous” installation with Swedish design company Zero to produce a light fixture, “Wing”, which will be on display as part of the installation during Furniture Fair week.


Monica Förster, who is one of the top names within Swedish design, has created some of the future’s classic designs. Monica Förster Design Studio is based in Stockholm, but works with both Swedish and international manufacturers, including Poltrona Frau, Tacchini, Modus, E&Y Japan, Offecct, Swedese and Zero.