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Necklace & clothes and Starlight by Hommin

Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish design studio Hommin are exhibiting two designs in the Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week: a hanging rail for clothes and a lamp shade.


The clothes rail consists of a wire strung with balls, which enable clothes to hang from different heights.


The lamp, called Starlight, has several layers which reflect light round the shade.


The designs will be displayed in the Greenhouse at the fair, an area for international design schools and newly-qualified designers. Stockholm Furniture Fair continues until Sunday.


The following information is from Hommin:


Hommin is a design studio in Sweden, founded by Hung-Ming Chen. This studios' designs have qualities of simplicity and functionality.


Necklace & clothes
A traditional clothes rack usually looks like a tube with all the clothes hanging horizontally. I feel like I can do something different and flexible. Therefore, I design a wire with balls from which clothes can be hung at different heights. So it looks like a big necklace attaches to surfaces. And it could also to be used to divide space such as in a shop. The design item is flexible and has other possibilities.


Starlight is a lamp with multiple transparent layers and formed in saw-toothed structure. The layers reflect the light from bulb and spread it out making it looks like stars or the Milky Way. The effect can be changed using different kinds of light bulb. The saw-toothed structure can be made easily using a simple injection mould and the lamps can be piled up in order to reduce the transporting cost.