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Tio by Massproductions

Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish company Massproductions exhibited their debut collection of tables and chairs, called Tio, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden last week.


The furniture is made from steel wire, produced using a computer-controlled bending machine.


Photos by Henrik Bonnevier and Julia Hetta.


Here's some more information from Mass Productions:



The two experienced designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck launch Massproductions first collection during the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Massproductions develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit.


Englishman Chris Martin and Swede Magnus Elebäck met ten years ago and have since worked side by side as consultants for the furniture industry. With their accumulated knowledge from these years, they are now taking the next step by producing and marketing their own collection of furniture using a new and simple method for developing products. By taking away the filters normally associated with a producer they can make products that would otherwise get stuck somewhere in the development process.


Chris Martin, who used to be Jasper Morrison’s right hand man, has designed Massproductions first furniture collection, “Tio”. The collection consists of chairs and tables in steel wire that are produced in a computer controlled bending machine. With just a few steel wires, Chris Martin has designed furniture that catches the eye and attracts the design conscious customer.


“The design for “Tio” was the end result of a few months of thinking, sketching and sculpting. My point of departure was to arrange a fan of wires into a comfortable seat and then connect them in a straightforward and logical frame, which minimized the amount of steel used. So really the appeal comes from pragmatic thinking, executed within the restraints of the materials characteristics and according to an industrial production process. Sounds clinical, but the result is something I find very pleasing. For those who find steel wires too hard, we have developed an upholstered cushion to give extra comfort during long dining sessions.” – says Chris Martin


Massproductions will launch their debut collection during an event at Lydmar Hotel, the evening of 3rd February. Massproductions will also exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture Fair (stand C19:22) from 4th - 8th February.