Another Kountry by Roy McMakin

A new collection of work by American artist and architect Roy McMakin is on show at Established & Sons LIMITED in London.


Called Another Kountry, the exhibition includes furniture produced by hand in McMakin's studio, alongside photographs by the artist.


"I am interested in memory, how subtle manipulations can trigger both familiarity and dissonance," says McMakin.


The exhibition continues until 31 March.


Here's some more information from Established & Sons:


Established & Sons is proud to present Another Kountry by internationally acclaimed artist, Roy McMakin. This substantial body of work that is now being launched as a new collection of Limited Editions in collaboration with Established & Sons draws upon pivotal moments and pieces of McMakin’s career.


The collection features patch woodwork loyal to McMakin’s established and recognisable technique. Amongst a fan back chair, an elm patch side table, a slat back chair and ceramics, Established & Sons will be exhibiting a collection of photographs by McMakin, emphasising his effortless ability as an artist to cross over into architecture and furniture design. McMakin’s idiosyncratic style is visible in the individually selected inlays and patch woodwork for each piece.


McMakin’s works are especially compelling because they are not simply divided into categories of functional and non-functional or design and art, but rather exist in a continuum between these simple dichotomies, exploring the physical and emotional space that objects occupy in our lives.

'My interest isn’t really in me, materials or new forms. I am interested in memory, how subtle manipulations can trigger both familiarity and dissonance. Much of this comes from a personal, poetic exploration. I think it is relevant that I don’t think of myself as a designer, even though design is involved in the process of what I make. I am more interested in meaning and how it is contained within objects. I think one of the greatest shifts/focus of meaning occurs around functionality. When an object slips from being purely contemplative into service of a need (such as to be sat on) things get complicated’, states McMakin.

Roy McMakin is an artist and architect, who lives and works in Seattle and whom Matthew Marks gallery has represented since 2003. His pieces, whether upholstered, painted to a meticulous finish, or left in their natural wood, are all produced by hand in his studio with a craftsmanship that is rarely seen today.

McMakin’s ability to incorporate both art and design into his work allows his pieces to be fully functional, whilst at the same time his designs contain character and emotion. McMakin first exhibited his work in Los Angeles in 1980 and has since had several museum exhibitions, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, as well as two solo exhibitions at Matthew Marks gallery.

Established & Sons will solely represent McMakin in London and Europe.

Roy McMakin
4th February — 31st March 2009
Established & Sons LIMITED
2-3 Duke Street, St James's, London SW1