Brickchair by Pepe Heykoop

Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created a chair from childrens' toy building blocks.


The chair was inspired by an illustration called All The Chairs I Sat On, by Los Angeles artist James Gulliver Hancock (above left). Heykoop enlarged the sketch in the top left corner and coloured it in.


Pepe Heykoop was the winner of the recent [d3] contest at IMM Cologne 2009 - see our earlier story.


Here's some information from the designer:


The Brickchair was made after seeing an illustration by James Gulliver Hancock. I loved the image immediately and the chair in the left corner caught my eye. I coloured the image in and started constructing the Brickchair. It is the interpretation of a drawing that was already an interpretation of an existing chair. It transformed. This interpretation led to this new object because we saw different things in the same image! After the Brickchair I created a Brickchandelier, which can be seen on my site.