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Iris and FMG by Francesco Librizzi and Vittorio Venezia

Better late than never #2: Milan architects Francesco Librizzi and Vittorio Venezia designed a stand for ceramics brands Iris and FMG at Cersaie 2008, the annual ceramics fair in Bologna, Italy last summer.


The stand is made from a sequence of faceted slabs that gradually change shape. The strips are clad in two tiles, one by Iris and one by FMG.


Contrasting colours were used from each brand including a mottled blue and green shade from the FMG Nature 2.0 range.


Here's some information from the architects:


In July 2008 the studio was asked to design a pavilion for the Cersaie fair in Bologna. The client, Iris, is a ceramics producer and owner of several brands in the same field. The task was to design a single stand for 2 brands, Iris and FMG.


Normally the two brands share the same plot at the fair, using one stand separated into two parts. In 2008 the owner decided to reduce the number of products shown and at the same time to avoid any separation between the two logos, use one space.


We decided to create an device that would expose each brand separately in a single structure. To do this, we designed a two-sided device, where each tile can be seen from different directions, creating the impression of a single material, according to the angle of view.


Visitors can go back and forth across the stand, having the impression of switching brands depending on which tile is exposed.


Client: IRIS + FMG
FMG Art Director: Luca Molinari
FMG communication: Rodex

Design by: Francesco Librizzi and Vittorio Venezia
Design collaborators: Alessandro Grassi

Enginering and realization: GiPlanet