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Tom Dixon in Milan 2009

Milan 09: British designer Tom Dixon will present a collection of furniture and lighting on the theme of 'utility' in Milan next month. 


The Fluoro lamp shade (top image) is made of blow-moulded polycarbonate, powder-coated in fluorescent orange. Above: Pressed Glass pendent lamps.


The Block table (above) has a granite top and legs made of electroplated copper, while the Screw table (below) comprises a cast iron base and marble top.


The tops of the Spot tables (below) are coated in vitreous enamel.


The new pieces will be on show at Superstudio Piu in Zona Tortona, 22-27 April.


Here's some more information from Tom Dixon:


British design company TOM DIXON continues its adventure in lighting and furniture at Superstudio Piu during the Milan Design Week in April 2009.


The new collection has the very topical theme of UTILITY and the mineral world provides the objects with a new focus. The 2009 collection uses some of the most basic and primitive of materials, re-thought for the modern age.


Demonstrating the virtues of longevity, toughness and weight the new collection speaks of the need for robustness and honesty in design. New products include pressed glass lighting, stone tables, and vitreous enamel occasional tables; all illustrating simple, reduced shapes and heavy weight construction, finishes and materials.


Tom Dixon says: “I have always been inspired by the no nonsense approach of industrial artifacts and military engineering, science and mathematics, alongside materials and processes for manufacture. So this season, nothing has changed! Our theme for 2009 of Utility talks of usefulness and longevity, which feels appropriate right now.”


Tube, Bowl and Lens, pressed glass pendant lights show all of the beauty and honesty of heavyweight industrial components. Exceptionally hardwearing, dense and satisfyingly heavy each light bears the sinuous marks and imperfections of the manufacturing process giving these robust forms reference to their industrial pedigree.


The Spot Tables are for all occasions; these enamel coated tables consist of a heavy weighted base with two different height stems with either a square or round top. Coated in heavy duty vitreous enamel, an ultra hygienic and industrial process in which particles of glass are sprayed on to cast iron, and then fired at furiously high temperatures. Not only are the results highly functional, the materials qualities are extremely hard wearing with an extraordinary depth of colour. The two different heights can be interchanged as desired with either a square or circular top.


The Screw Table allows for many surfaces and functions. A dining and coffee Table made from one bomb proof heavy cast iron tripod and a solid marble top. The combination of materials form a surprisingly elegant café table. The industrial strength aluminum screw allows for multiple heights by simply spinning the top.

Block table - minimalism, bling and functionality, all in one copper-plated package. The Block Table has elegant electroplated copper legs and granite top, perfectly flat sided, allowing tables to be placed together in multiple configurations. The stone surface is heat resistant and treated to minimize grease marks. There are adjustable feet to protect the floor surface and allow for uneven floors. Available in two sizes dining table and coffee table.

Pressed Glass:
Bowl: Diameter 19.7cm, Height 10cm: £145/€190/$270
Lens: Diameter 22.5cm, Height 9.5cm: £145/€190/$270
Tube: Diameter 12.5cm, Height 18cm: £145/€190/$270

Spot Tables:
Round Spot Small Stem: Height 53cm, Width 40cm. Prices £365/€440/$575
Round Spot Tall Stem: Height 66.5cm, Width 40cm. Prices £365/€440/$575
Square Spot Small Stem: Height 53c, Width 30.5cm. Prices £355/€425/$545
Square Spot Tall Stem: Height 66.5cm, Width 30.5cm. Prices £355/€425/$545
Square and Circular tops can be used on different length stems.

Screw Table:
Dining Table: Diameter of Top 90cm, Min H 55cm/Max H 84.5cm. Price: £825/€1,065/$1,700
Coffee Table: Diameter of Top 60cm Min H 55cm/Max H 84.5cm. Price: £630/€850/$1,260

Block Table:
Dining Table: H75cm, Top 80cm x80cm. Prices £695/€935/$1,340
Coffee Table: H 45cm, Top 80cm x 80cm. Prices £595/€810/$1,155

Fluoro Shade:
Pendant version: Diameter 45cm. Prices £205/€280/$445
Floor version: Diameter 45cm. Prices £215/€290/$465

Milan 2009


Stand 7, Superstudio Piu
Via Tortona, 27, Milan

21 st April – Press Preview 3-8pm
22nd – 27 th April 2008, 10am – 9pm

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