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Tin Man No. 11 by Kacey Wong

Hong Kong artist and designer Kacey Wong has designed a shelter for homeless people that looks like a robot.


The wheeled trolley unfolds to reveal a bed and desk.


"My question is: what if the homeless shelter is beautiful, to the point where it becomes a public artwork on the street?" says Wong.


"It will not only serve as a shelter for the homeless but also decorate the city street, in a way."


Here's some more information from Kacey Wong:


Tin Man No. 11 by Kacey Wong

Tin Man No.11 is an urban sleeping unit built on top of a moving trolley. It could be an attractive sculpture when parked on the pedestrian walkway. Standing vertically it looks like a tin robot; lying down, it transforms into a comfortable home with a bed, a desk and a chair.


I did some field study on homeless people and discovered 2 important things:

  1. Not all homeless people are jobless and just sit around. Some actually have a job but the cost of living is too high here in Hong Kong; if they apply for housing from the government they will be sent all the way out to the edge of the city, so they decide to save more money by sleeping on the street and living closer to the source of jobs instead.
  2. Many people consider the shelters constructed by homeless people to be ugly - they are physically and visually damaging the cityscape.

Tin Man No. 11 symbolizes everyone can stand up with their own two feet. Keep walking, and you will find the way.