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Saving/Space/Vase by Joe Velluto

Milan 09: Italian designer Joe Velluto has designed a plastic vase that is crushed beneath a giant metal block after being moulded.


The process echoes the way plastic water bottles are crushed after use, creating a new form.


The Saving/Space/Vase will be exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan next month, during the international furniture fair.


The vase will be part of the Plasticism exhibition of products from the Plust Collection.


Here's some text from Velluto:


PLASTICISM by PLUST Collection ( 22-27 April 2009 Spazio Rossana Orlandi Mutations, reflections and experimentations around plastic: as to say Plasticism.


PLUST Collection presents a new approach based on manufacturing processes and innovative finishes derived from the moulding of plastic with changes, transformation and renewal as core matters.

Design ventures in brand-new paths in the search of innovative styles: from a carefully study of the material follow the processes of elaboration, melting, pressure and transformation able to turn weaknesses into strengths. Mutations and experimentations able to generate different objects.

A poetical and ethical-oriented creation that suggests us a new point of view from which looking at the contemporary sustainability matter.


Are you a bottle or a vase? In a sarcastic exchange of roles, Saving Space Vase undertook a pressure process as it comes out of the mould.

The original object, the vase, acquires a new connotation enriched with a different aesthetic and an extraneous meaning. A process that winks at our daily gestures, familiar as the one of pressing a PET bottle… preparing it at the second step of its existence, the recycling

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