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Slow White Series by Bo Reudler

Milan 09: Dutch designer Bo Reudler presents Slow White, a collection of furniture and objects made from tree branches, in Milan next month.


Slow White will be shown at the Tuttobene exhibition at Lotus Garage, Via Savona 6, Milan from 22-27 April.


Here's some text from Bo Reudler:


Bo Reudler Studio launches Slow White series during Salone del Mobile Milan
Tuttobene, Via Savona 6, 22-27 April 2009



We tend to present nature in a controlled way: branches simplified into repetitive patterns, majestic trees trimmed into squared beams, flowers flattened into graphic motifs. Nature's complexity, randomness and rawness is tamed. We lost our connection with nature and our surroundings. This century will be about renewing this connection.


For this collection, I left my computer behind and ventured into the woods. I gathered fallen wood to transform into furniture. I started building again with my own hands, knowing everything that went into the process, working consciously, smelling the wood, feeling the structure, composing.


The branches were carefully selected for their distinguishing imperfections and curves. Following these shapes led me to the designs: the individual branches were numbered and the pieces are composed using the most beautiful combination of branches. These forms give personality to each piece which will always be different due to the randomness of each branch. All products are hand made.


Slow White chair
A low, elegant chair with high back constructed from a frame of intertwining branches as if holding hands. The idea to make a classical-inspired chair out of curved branches began the idea for the whole collection.
Size: 45x40x115 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber, white linseed-oil paint.


Slow White cabinet
With splendidly spindly legs and a tiny storage space, the cabinet is ideal for storing your most precious possessions: preferably a prized jar of honey or a golden compass.
Size: 50x40x155 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber,  white linseed-oil paint.


Golden Compass
A compass carved out of a twig, showing the tip of a fountain-pen in place of a pencil. Not adjustable.
Size: 6x2x30 cm
Materials: Found wood, metal outer coating.


Slow White table
Historically, the shapes of classic table legs were derived from nature. Playing with that idea, these table legs use the original inspiration in its original form.
Size: 115x70x75 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber, white linseed-oil paint.


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