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Moon Fragment by Tokujin Yoshioka

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has designed two perfume bottles for French jeweller Cartier.


Called Moon Fragment, the bottles each include a single diamond.


They are on show at the Tokyo National Museum exhibition 'Story of...' - memories of Cartier creations, directed by Yoshioka.


The bottles were designed to contain a fragrance created for the exhibition, which continues until 31 May.


Photographs Tokujin Yoshioka Design © Cartier.


The text below is from Tokujin Yoshioka Design:


Moon Fragment

History is what happened in the past.  Simultaneously, history is creating the unknown time that is called the future. I was swept away by the idea that I might be able to express through “fragrance” the memories of the stories that breathe in the Cartier Collection, and the imagination that flows from them.

The French poet Jean Cocteau left the following poem: “Cartier, the subtle magician, who dangles slivers of the moon on a thread of sun.”


The perfume bottle named “Moon Fragment” is a piece that I designed based on my vision of the future of Cartier, and was created through a fusion with the “Story of…” fragrance that was specially blended by a Cartier Paris perfumer. A single diamond, sparkling inside the bottle that itself emits a truly moonlike transparence, adds a poignant fragrance to the memories of Cartier’s history. I hope that the stories of Cartier, the memories of the viewers, and the world of fantasy suggested, along with this fragrance, will be engraved on people’s minds, while, with the memories of eternal beauty in their hearts, the “stories” of this exhibition will be woven into the future.


Exhibition title:  "Story of..." - memories of Cartier creations directed by Tokujin Yoshioka

Venue: Tokyo National Museum, Hyokeikan Gallery

Period: March 28th to May 31st, 2009