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Haunted by 36 Woman by Ted Noten

An exhibition of work by Dutch jewellery designer Ted Noten has opened at Galerie Rob Koudijs in Amsterdam.


Called Haunted by 36 Women, the show includes assemblages and rapid-prototyped pieces based on "architectypical perceptions of the woman". Top image: Fashionista in Pink. Above: Sufragette


The exhibition continues until 23 May. Above: Femme Fatale rings. Below: Ice Cream Girl rings


Below: Macha as ring


Below: Kenau


Some of the pieces are part of an earlier series called 36 Rings for a Woman, which is explained below:


“36 rings for a woman”.

For the first time in his career, Noten deliberately combines all domains he is engaged in.


Design, visual arts and applied arts are equally represented in the collection of assemblages, rings and bracelets. “36 rings for a woman” is based on the archetypical perceptions of the Woman: the Femme Fatale, the Girl-next-door, the Suffragette, the Fashionista and so on.


Noten has collected second hand accessories, construction material, jewels and cuddly toys to create an assemblage or portrait of each type of woman.


By using the Rapid Prototyping technique, these assemblages are transmuted into scale models in every size and material possible, even as tiny as a ring.


All details are visible in the object that is then built up from synthetic or precious metal powder, pressed into a ring or bracelet.


This technique allows the jewellery maker to make rings suitable (and affordable!) for all clients. The last phase is a unique piece, cast in solid gold.