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Squeezophone 360 by Claudio Colucci

Milan 09: Designer Claudio Colucci will present a combined speaker and lamp called Squeezophone 360 at Bar Blanco in Milan next week.


Made of Corian, the product is the result of a collaboration between Colucci and Kenwood Design.


Here's some more information from Claudio Colucci Design:


“When design meets a technological ingenuity…” in the Bar Blanco, Milano

The designer Claudio Colucci and the Design branch of the Japanese company Kenwood team up for a project, Squeezophone 360, and push the limits of innovation.


Since it’s creation, the Japanese company never ceased to develop new audio technologies. Concerned to adapt them to contemporary lifestyle, Kenwood Design elaborate concepts combining high-tech researches and design evolutions.

Using this approach, Kenwood Design and Claudio Colucci presented in November 2008 during Toyto Design Tied, the exhibition Morphonics, dedicated to the study of sound and its diffusion in the space. Following this success, this high-tech society and the designer offers an exhibition’s declination for the first time in Europe, on the occasion of exhibition: Kenwood Design and Claudio Colucci Design in the Bar Blanco, during the Salone del Mobile in Milan- from 22 to 27 April 2009.

This light and sound exhibition will stage Squeezophone 360; speaker/lamp made out of Corian, as well as two prototypes- Hibachi and Hug- developed by the research and innovation lab. Those three products will be presented in the very contemporary and minimalist space of the Bar Blanco.

The Squeezophone 360- from the word “squeeze” and the Latin word “phone”, meaning sound- is a translucent object, made out entirely of Corian, with human dimensions and shapes. This enigmatic creation unveils its secrets, little by little, revealing the secrets of its cells through its skin.

The tall figure was only missing the voice: Kenwood Design revealed it.

Through its creation, the designer Claudio Colucci one more time develops its fetish ‘morphing’ concept- combining two styles, two elements, two concepts, to generate a third, unique one. Here, morphing fathered the link between the sound and the space in which it is produced as well as it made a bridge between the universe of Claudio Colucci and the expertise in sound, technic and innovation of Kenwood Design.

Piazzale Lavater/
Via Morgagni
Giovanni Battista, 2

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