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New Danish Modern by Normann Copenhagen

Milan 09: Danish brand Normann Copenhagen presented furniture by Danish designers including Ole Jensen (above) and Jesper K. Thomsen at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last week.


The Memory armchair (above) by Jensen is covered in patchworked upholstery.


Play (above and below) by Jesper K. Thomsen is a range of children's furniture made of varnished beech.


The range comprises a table, bench, chair, chalk board and soapbox cart.


Camping (above and below), also by Thomsen, is a collection of furniture made of moulded beech and leather.


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The following text is from Normann Copenhagen:


Memory is a warm and friendly armchair that makes time to sit and think. It is upholstered, and with its broad, square arms, it embraces you and invites you to sit down and relax completely.


Ole Jensen explains: ”We all have special objects that refresh memories – things that have a meaning and create the pleasure of recognition – it could be anything from a football to a stone found on a walk on the beach. I wanted to design furniture that arouses immediate recognition in both design and use. ’Reversed perfection’, both items have an immediate freedom in manufacture and details. The bookcase has quite deliberately been put together badly, and the chair consists of patches as in a patchwork quilt, which gives them a somewhat home-made character, without allowing this to compromise their quality. This is furniture that fits well into all of the Normann Copenhagen’s New Danish Modern collection.”

Materials and dimensions: Tailored and upholstered woollen cover over a wooden frame and foam, h. 1400 mm, w. 900 mm, d. 800 mm. Fabric: Hallingdal 130 from Kvadrat


Children’s furniture for children - Normann Copenhagen presents Play in its New Danish Modern collection

There is also room for children in Normann Copenhagen’s new series, New Danish Modern. Play is a series of quality children’s furniture designed by Jesper K. Thomsen. The series features a different and humoristic approach, consisting of table, bench, chair, board and a soapbox cart.


Play has arisen from the idea of play and building a child’s imagination. Jesper K. Thomsen has re-interpreted the classic soapbox cart to create a series of quality children’s furniture. The expression is random and home-made, with oblique lines, compound angles and such humorous details as the green projections contrasting with the clear yellow colour.


Jesper K. Thomsen explains: ”Children’s furniture must be for children, rather than small copies of adult furniture. I have designed a series of children’s furniture for both boys and girls that has a humorous approach. The soapbox cart is an icon for play and creation, making it a natural source of inspiration for me when designing furniture for children. To the extent that the soapbox cart is usually built in the garage by adults and children together, that is the emotion I want to portray in the furniture series. The concept for Play almost grew on its own. Just like a soapbox cart, Play will hopefully contribute to many hours play and discovery.”

Play is handmade and manufactured in Denmark in a local carpenter’s shop.

Material: Varnished beech


Furniture that spans the generations – Normann Copenhagen presents Camping – part of New Danish Modern

The exclusive Camping series has been designed by Jesper K. Thomsen, and consists of chairs, table, stool and daybed in moulded beech wood. Camping is part of New Danish Modern – Normann Copenhagen’s Danish furniture series, which combines traditional Danish crafts and manufacture with modern designs. The essence of Camping is its excellent craft that focuses on traditional cabinet making methods and finish.


The inspiration behind the series is the idea of leisure and togetherness – values that are often associated with camping. Camping brings the enjoyment of camping indoors, and has added quality and character to the overdimensioned interpretation of the familiar furniture.

Jesper K. Thomsen explains: ”The archetypical traditional camping equipment has been my inspiration. The design has a recognition factor that brings the thoughts over to leisure and togetherness, that many think are typical of camping. I like the thought of bringing outdoor pursuits indoors or, perhaps more correctly, freedom into the living room. At the same time, the icon, camping furniture, has been refined in my interpretation. Against all odds, I have been successful in making chairs and the daybed without frames beneath the seat, which makes part of its unique expression.”

Camping has a light and airy design, in which the moulded pieces interact in a strong and uniform construction. The series bears witness to skilled craft and good materials – quite simply. This is furniture that will be handed down through the generations.

Material: Moulded beech, full-grain leather

New Danish Modern is a new Danish line from Normann Copenhagen, which springs from the Danish design tradition, where quality and attention to detail are given high priority. The line is designed by some of Denmark's best designers and produced exclusively in Denmark; respecting the idea of form in design and craftsmanship. The concept is based on furniture art, and therefore, the line will be available in smaller production runs. Once again, Normann Copenhagen sets new standards and combines tradition and innovation in a line with the best from the proud handcraft of the past together with a modern expression of the present.

So far, New Danish Modern comprises the following Danish designers: Ole Jensen, Rikke Hagen, Jesper K. Thomsen, Søren Ulrik Petersen, Claydies, Peter Johansen & Thomas Bentzen, among others.