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Wattcher by Marcel Wanders Studio

Wattcher is a product that monitors domestic electricity use, designed by Marcel Wanders for Dutch company Innovaders.


The device plugs into a standard electrical socket and displays electrical consumption, encouraging users to reduce their energy use.


Here's more information from Marcel Wanders studio:


On the 28st of March the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, received the first Wattcher launched by Innovaders and designed by Marcel Wanders studio. The Wattcher is a product that, once plugged in, immediately displays the electricity consumption in your home allowing you to monitor and curb your energy use.


Marcel Wanders designed the Wattcher as the ticking heart of the home. “The design is very clean and has urgency in pointing out your energy consumption. Wattcher is more than just a product; it is a strategy that stimulates awareness.”


The “Battle of Watt’ kicked off this week; numerous Wattchers are being used in the “Battle of Watt” as an initative from Eneco, a Dutch energy supplier. In schools and student’s homes throughout the Netherlands, participants are encouraged to save energy, the aim of the contest. Those that have consumed the least amount of energy win the competition.