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Occidorient by François Mangeol

French design student François Mangeol has designed Occidorient, an interpretation of a Persian carpet that features Times New Roman letters.


The design makes use of the ubiquitous typeface to create a pattern similar to those found on traditional carpets.


Here's more details from Mangeol:


Occidorient (Occident/ /western - /Orient// East)

Occidorient is a carpet. It conceals an essential function of representation. It tries to cross two different, oriental and western cultures, using representative codes and try to offer, a second reading and an update of a know-how.


Historically, the Persian carpet deals with divine. It always filled in East a double function, practical and symbolic. So it is built as a work of architecture, representing a plan. It establishes a magic space including the sphere of the universe. The size (format) "kelleghi" or "kelley" is very close of 16/9 of our cinema and tv screens, this screen where we design our world.


Very symbolic Times New Roman, western and Anglo-Saxon typeface, but also well-balanced, elegant, simple and all over the world known is used in a historic way by the press and Microsoft as default. So It is used by software and tools of publication, designers of our world. It is used here as unique pattern. It performs, by aggregation and without any deformation of the typographic characters, a lots of "odalisque".

The method used by Persians is pushed to the extreme: the repetition of pattern to create a new language, familiar and abstract.

It was made in France.