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Autonomous Living Unit by Eduardo McIntosh

Designer Eduardo McIntosh has proposed a way of putting all the functions of a home into a single chair.


Called Autonomous Living Unit, the project envisages furniture that could be installed in derelict buildings and deserted housing projects to "provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human being."


Autonomous Living Unit was presented as part of an exhibition called Future Cities: Past, Present at the d3 gallery in New York last month. Here are more details from designer Eduardo McIntosh:


Autonomous Living Units is a somewhat satirical project that stands at the intersection of the current housing crisis, the tendency of people in developed countries to live on their own and the trend of turning architecture into a consumer product.


The project poses a scenario in which living units (homes) have evolved into the most minimal yet visually alluring objects that can still provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human being.


Because of the morphing of architecture into furniture, the Living Units could be inserted in derelict areas and ruined housing projects.


This project was exhibited among others at the d3 Gallery in New York for the "Future Cities: Past, Present" exhibition in April 2009.