Chiwawa lamp by Vincent Olm

Belgian designer Vincent Olm has created Chiwawa, a lamp that involves adding a laser-cut metal ring to a standard bulb holder.


The ring has two legs that allow the lamp to be placed on horizontal surfaces.


Here's some info from Olm followed by a biography:


Chiwawa is all about simplicity: by just adding a ring of metal between bulb and socket, you can transform a standard device into a funny companion which will give you light when needed and will follow you everywhere thanks to its lightness.


My goal with Chiwawa was to show that a single piece of laser cut metal is enough to give a strong personality to a standard lighting device. Ecologically friendly because of its material and absence of complex elements, Chiwawa works with every E27 bulbs, including energy saving ones.


Chiwawa lamp was awarded at the last Interieur International Design Competition (former "Design for Europe" competition).

Born in Belgium in 1979, Vincent Olm decided in 2008 to broaden his horizons by throwing himself into the adventure of design. He went head to head with the professionals in the field for the first time when he entered his first creation, the Chiwawa lamp, into the international competition organised by the Interieur fair. His project was a hit; he came away with a jury mention. Everything followed from that. Projects multiplied, desire grew. And this was just the beginning …

Olm’s work is characterised by the urge to combine simplicity, utility and poetry. His creations, stamped with a sometimes quirky humour, are always expressions of a simple and original idea, easy to understand and put to use. Chiwawa reflects this: this unpretentious, almost trivial lamp goes straight to the core and causes quite a stir.