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1040 hPa collection by Beton

More from Polish designers Beton: here's their 1040 hPa clothing collection, made of multi-layered wool.


The collection features flashes of bright-coloured lining fabric poking out as if by mistake.


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Here's some information from Beton:


1040 hPa

When temperature goes down and the pressure rises, it is time for 1040 hPa, self-confidence-boosting clothes. They are all made of warm wool, which protects you from European Novembers - their chills and dulls. Straight lines evolving into smooth curves, strange, oozing pockets and bulges, high collars and sudden attacks of vivid colours define 1040 hPa.


Each garment is made of a few layers of fabric, which flows freely throughout the whole form. The flow is sometimes broken - and then the inner layer comes out - as an error, or a glimpse of truth. Some beton clients (lab rats) got so used to being the centre of attention while wearing 1040 hPa coat, that they refused to put it into the wardrobe for the summer... beton.