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Doubleface by Postfossil

DMY Berlin 09: young Swiss design collective Postfossil present a fruit bowl and vase that feature the same curve profile at the DMY Allstars exhibition during the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, which opens today.


The ceramic wall of the bowl and cherry wood top of the vase share the same curve.


The wooden base of the bowl can be used separately as a chopping board; the groove usually used to locate the ceramic wall catches juices from fruit and vegetables being cut.


The Singlevase is specifically designed for a single flower; the base and top are two separate halves, preventing the stem from sitting in too much water.


Called How it Grows and How it Goes, the exhibition will show Postfossil's existing collection and new objects. See Postfossil's collection launched in Milan in April in our previous story.

Here're more details from Postfossil:


Vase and fruit bowl inspired by a mirrored silhouette

The idea behind doubleface's design is both simple and intriguing. The outline determines the form of the collection, a fruit bowl and a vase. Both objects are made of ceramic and cherry wood.

The objects' form plays with symmetrical lines as well as natural complementary structures. However, at the same time, the bodies are clearly separated in terms of material and function.  The objects are versatile: the bottom of the fruit bowl can be used as chopping board. Design details always have a function: the groove that serves as a guide when assembling the bowl catches the fruit's juice.

The singlevase was expressly designed for a single flower. The form both supports and frames the content. The lower part is made of ceramic and can easily be cleaned or filled with water. A wet stalk is not good for various flowers, which is why the water should be exchanged regularly.

Doubleface is a still of practical objects with modest demands and the objective to enrich daily life with beauty and practicality.

Material: ceramic and cherry wood


The POSTFOSSIL platform present their forward-thinking range of weird and wonderful objects designed for everyday living in a not-so-distant future. In an age of increased reliance on carbon emitting technology and a rapidly depleting natural resource pool, POSTFOSSIL address the question – How will we live in a post-fossil fuel age?

In 2007, a collective of ten young Swiss designers founded the group POSTFOSSIL. POSTFOSSIL provides a platform on which designers can regularly get together and discuss the current issues surrounding design and the ways in which they can respond to these issues. A recurring theme began to emerge, centering around the handling of resources in a post-fossil fuel future.

Deviating from the frequently asked question of alternative materials or new production methods, the designers of the POSTFOSSIL platform are pursuing. The objects designed are intended to encourage everyone to reconsider their own behavior and to be more responsible for their actions.

The young designers achieve this by examining and re-assessing the use of day-to-day objects. Their objects are involved in daily life, attract attention and demand reconsideration of their usual treatment. It is subtle criticism in detail, drawing out the issue of a sustainable treatment of resources.

The designers of the platform POSTFOSSIL would like to start an active debate on the responsible treatment of our depleting resources. This is just the first stage of their mission to change the views and opinions of how we as a society live our lives in the descent toward a post-fossil age.

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