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Bamboolarule by Baskerville Studio

Designer James Cadogan of Baskerville Studio in Cornwall, UK, has designed a bent ruler that's easier for people with arthritis to pick up.


"It was inspired after watching my arthritic grandfather having trouble with his flat ruler whilst drawing evevations in his architectural studio,"says Cadogan.


"Also, needing to use a little bit of pressure to press it down reduces slipping when drawing along it," he continues.


The prototype is made of steam-bent bamboo; Cadogan intends to develop a stainless steel version for cutting.


Here's a bit of text from Baskerville Studio:


A prototype ruler from Cornwall based designers baskerville studio, made from vertically laminated bamboo and then screen printed, it was inspired after observing the difficulty arthritic sufferers have in picking up flat objects. The ruler allows fingers underneath for an easy pick up, rather than relying on nails that you may not have.