Parasite Shelf by Johanna Landin

DMY Berlin 09: Swedish design student Johanna Landin exhibited a box shelf that appears to cling to its surroundings at DMY Youngsters in Berlin last week.


Called Parasite, the system consists of plywood boxes suspended from wooden hooks on blue ropes, which pass through grooves in the outside of each box.


The shelves can be moved around and attached to other pieces of furniture.


Landin is currently studying at Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK) in Gothenburg, Sweden.


She exhibited the Parasite shelf with fellow students under the title A Beautiful Death; it was also shown at the Greenhouse exhibition as part of the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year.


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Here's some more info from the designer:


The Parasite Shelf can be used only if it has something to attach itself to. Another piece of furniture or a wall to possess.


It can then grow and expand, living in symbiosis with its host and offering additional features to it.


Yet, as the parasite grows, it may slowly take over its host, making it redundant.


When the host is subdued, the parasite backs away to wait for a new host on which to cling.


As long as new furniture or rooms come to act as host, the Parasite Shelf can always be reborn.


When I designed Parasite Shelf I wanted to make a small storage object that easily could move around and adjust to its surroundings, just like a parasite, and therefore also get a longer life.


The Parasite shelf is designed by Johanna Landin, who is a Swedish architect and design student at HDK (School of Design & Crafts) in Göteborg, Sweden.