Stereo.type by Ebon Heath

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Ebon Heath will exhibit a series of typographic mobiles called Stereo.type at retail store 50°C in Dubai next week.


Heath hand-cuts thousands of letters from Tyvek and assembles them on fishing wire to form lyrics from songs, poems, and other passages of text.


Here is some more information from 50°C:


Stereo.type: a typographic ballet

Stereo.type explores the balance between an individual’s internal voice and that consumed via visual osmosis from the surrounding environment. Grown in opposition to urban ‘noise’ created through advertising mediums in the modern day landscape, stereo.type explores the written word.


The fusion between typography and body language in kinetic typographic mobiles. The liberation of type from the two dimensional page to dance a duet with its author. This project has evolved from extensive research and conceptual development  to its present incarnation of exhibits, and a soon to be released retail collection. The Typograhic Mobile sculptures give typography a physical form away from the traditional boundaries of a page. Basic geometric shapes burst into theatrical structures of cut letters, choreographed to reflect the kinetic power of language unleashed.

This exhibition is complemented with a jewelry collection which is the offspring of a collaboration between Ebon Heath and Dubai’s Mona Ibrahim.

Stereo.type: A Typographic Ballet at 50°C from 27th June, 2009.
50°C is located on Level 3, Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Burj Dubai.