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Droog Design founder Gijs Bakker resigns

Dezeenwire: Gijs Bakker, the co-founder of Droog Design, has resigned following a dispute over the company's direction.

See our earlier story about Droog's New York store. Here's the announcement from Bakker:


Dispute over company’s direction cannot be resolved:
Droog Design Founder Gijs Bakker Resigns

Amsterdam, June 20th 2009 - Founder Gijs Bakker has left Droog Design, the internationally renowned design platform, which he launched with Renny Ramakers in 1993. He has also resigned as a board member of Droog Design Foundation. The cause is a conflict over the direction of Droog. A difference of opinion has created an unworkable situation.

Gijs Bakker, “The original ambition of Droog was to identify and showcase talented Dutch, and later foreign, designers, and to stimulate discussion about the real content of the profession. Millions of euros were invested in opening a large, expensive shop in New York - an initiative of Renny Ramakers -  while the philosophy of Droog was pushed to the background. The shop in New York implies, almost inevitably, that from now on profitability will depend on the development of only large, expensive products.”


“The creativity and originality of Droog Design products have always been a first condition for me. The New York shop means the commercial element is now the main goal. Unfortunately I have been forced to conclude that this has driven a wedge between Renny and my fifteen-year relationship. Regrettably, lengthy negotiations over our difference of opinion have yielded no result,” said Gijs Bakker.


Gijs Bakker, “My role with Droog Design, and also as a teacher at the Design Academy, in Eindhoven, has always been about content. I am proud of the fascinating projects that we have realised worldwide with Droog Design. Many now-famous designers, including Hella Jongerius, Marcel Wanders, Tejo Remy, Richard Hutten and Jurgen Bey, got their big break thanks to Droog Design. In my opinion, we have contributed significantly to a change of mindset in this profession.”

In recent years, Droog Design has helped put the Netherlands on the map. Droog Design has put its stamp on ‘Dutch Design’. There is no doubt that Dutch Design’status will suffer as a result of the break-up.

Gijs Bakker is to continue his work as a designer under the name Gijs Bakker Design ( At the same time, he remains involved in design education as a director of the Master programme at the Design Academy, in Eindhoven.