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Losing Your Marbles by Charlotte Moneypenny

Graduating designer Charlotte Moneypenny has created a range of glassware with marble games built into them.


The Losing Your Marbles collection is supposed to evoke childhood memories and instill a sense of play into everyday objects.


Moneypenny graduates from Central St Martins in London this summer.


Here's some info from Moneypenny:


In today’s society of mass consumption everyday objects lack emotional attachment encouraging a throw away culture. Losing Your Marbles designed by Charlotte Moneypenny aimed to combine childhood memories and play into a product. The Losing your marbles collection uses the timeless childhood toy the cats eye marble, to encourage the user to play and explore the objects like a child would.


By using this connection to childhood a long with memorable actions which encourage the user to interact with the glasses on each use, considering the act of drinking more carefully, instilling a sense of occassion and enhancing the interaction between user and object creates an emotionally durable product which encourage a long empathetic partnership.


The Champagne Glass
The Champagne Glass is about making the adult explore and discover an object as a child would.  the marble acts like a ball in a computer mouse enabling the user to feel and discover the marble making the interact and remember the act of using this glass.


The Wine Glass
The Wine glass is about mimicking.  Children often mimic adults to an exaggerated and humorous level the action of swirling the marble around the base of the glass makes the user mimic wine tasting in a playful exaggerated way.


The Whiskey Glass
The whiskey glass is about play and encouraging the user to play with what should be a mundane object just as a child would do.  The whiskey glass has a game at the base like that of a ball bearing game encouraging the user to play with the object making the act of using it memorable.


All glasses are designed by Charlotte Moneypenny who is graduating from Central Saint Martins this summer.