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Camper store Tokyo by Jaime Hayón (more images)

Here are more images and text about the new Camper store in the Omotesando district of Tokyo by Jaime Hayón.


The large two storey space is the latest in a series of Together stores designed by Hayón for Camper, the others being found in Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Paris and London.


Every aspect of the design is bespoke to the Tokyo store and have been inspired by elements traditionally associated with the circus.


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Here's some text from Camper:


Camper have chosen Tokyo to present its latest Together store, on this occasion designed by Jaime Hayon. The shop occupies a large two-storey space in the Omotesando district. This great space allowed the Madrid-born artist and designer to have free rein and allow his fantastic creative repertoire freedom. The design is both exclusive and unique as everything from the furniture and visuals to the hand-decorated ceramics has been conceived and created specifically for this store.


“This new project for Camper is inspired by classic circus elements. It has colour and fantasy. The result is a space full of life and light that invites people to dream. As soon as we step through the impressive door of organic shapes, with a handle shaped like a candy cane, we begin to discover the surprises that await us inside. For starters, there are no corners, only curved forms. There is an interesting contrast between the walls covered in Bisazza mosaic tiles, perfect and delicate, and the cement floor, basic and unfinished. The long, narrow centre table resembles a centipede. The coloured mirrors placed on the ceiling elongate perspective and give the store added warmth. These small touches of quality do not go unnoticed. The special areas are separated by bevelled glass panels reminiscent of cut gemstones. Colour filters create a magical transparency. They exude freshness.” JAIME HAYON.


Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974) is the youngest internationally renowned Spanish designer and artist. He studied industrial design in Madrid and Paris before arriving at Fabrica in 1997, the centre for investigation in communications belonging to the Benetton Group in Treviso (Italy). Famously directed then by Oliviero Toscani. Jamie was there until 2004 when he decided to pursue his own personal career. He moved to Barcelona and began designing everything from toys to furnishing collections for Spanish firms like ArtQuitect, Metalarte and Bd Barcelona design. In addition to other collaborations with manufacturers like Lladró, Bosa, Piper, Bisazza and Swarovski. At present, Hayon works out of London and has projects all over the world. He has just published his first monograph (Jaime Hayon Works, edited by Gestalten), continues to exhibit his most personal work in art galleries and has kept alive the relationship he initiated with Camper in 2006 when the Together concept was inaugurated in its stores. The stores in London (Foubert´s Place), in Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia), in Palma de Mallorca (San Miguel), in Paris (Cherche Midi) and in Milan (Montenapoleone) all hold his unmistakable signature.


Camper Together. Throughout its history Camper’s personality and in particular, the unique creative that is reflected in all its stores, has always been enriched by the many contributions of designers, architects and artists. Carlos Ronaldo, Javier Mariscal, Neville Brody, Óscar Mariné, Peret or the Memphis group, among many others, apart from figures like Fernando Amat, Oleguer Armengol, Jordi Nogués, Shiro Miura or Martí Guixé, the most prolific being in the last few years, They have all contributed to these spaces individually, yet always different in approach and always special. However together, this creativity is an important component in the brand because the result of these collaborations truly transmits this brand’s values and image to the world.


The Together concept had already been born in Camper but had yet to be written down. It now takes on even more strength in the new projects, like this one developed together with Michele De Lucchi and that follow the projects developed by Jaime Hayon, Alfredo Hâberli, the Campana brothers, Konstantin Grcic or the Bouroullec brothers for Camper in different cities of the world. Adding the experience of one to the wit of another, the Majorcan firm continues in the line of diversity versus the repetition that has established itself in the world of commercial interior design. Camper continues innovating and opts for new languages that communicate the essence of a brand that is always loyal to its original spirit.


The Camper stores. In 1981 Camper opened its first store in Barcelona. After seven years of commercializing its products in conventional multi-brand stores, they had realized that their shoes needed a different atmosphere that would permit interaction with the brand and access to its true environment. With this objective Camper developed their own concept of a store: A shoe shop that exhibited all the styles and sizes. It was revolutionary. The stores became a window through which Camper could show their shoes and their philosophy to the world.


In the beginning of the 90’s Camper began their international expansion and came to the realization that all stores of all brands in all shopping centres of all the cities in the world, were alike. The character of the city, its culture, became diluted in an interior design that although carefully planned, felt aseptic. For Camper the concepts of identity and diversity always go together, for this reason they could not share in this concept of global uniformity. From this observation came the idea of making every store different, every one with its own personality.