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Summer Kitchen in Korvamäe by Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere

Estonian architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere have designed a shelter for cooking outdoors at Korvamäe farm in Estonia.

The shelter has a timber frame covered in sheet material, punctured by circular holes in two facades.

"As Estonian weather is not famous for its warmth and sunshine it has become popular to have summer parties at so-called summer kitchens and shelters," explains Pere.

"It is actually contemporary version of the old farmhouse tradition to cook outdoors in summer not only for the family and for the cattle as well," he continues.

Here's some more information from the architects:


Summer kitchen in Korvamäe, Estonia

(Shelter for outdoor activity)

Korvamäe is a relatively traditional South-Estonian farm. It has dwelling,a maintenance building and a pond with a sauna which was built 10 years ago.


Our initial task was to plan an pavilion near the 
fireplace. Apparently we discovered during the 
process that the location of the fireplace had already been misplaced. Instead of the fireplace becoming the focus of social life, it was the sauna 
and pond that had claimed that place. Therefore the new outdoor cookhouse was to be built there. As the sauna was constructed as an integral object, we therefore decided to design the kitchen somewhat 

At first we wanted to hide the kitchen inside the earth, but we 
didn’t find a proper solution. The shaping of the earth lead us to a 
minimalistic sculpture. We preserved the dynamics and homogeneity of the ground, but we presented it as a geometrical object.


Because of the client's wish to have an easily constructable building made of light 
materials, we chose wooden framework as our construction element and 
waterproof plywood for rendering as it makes the framework more rigid. The 
outdoor kitchen is a simple, yet emotional building that brings people joy.