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Continue Time by Sander Mulder

Dutch product designer Sander Mulder has designed a wall clock with a single, articulated arm that can display hours, minutes and seconds all at once.


The lightning-shaped mechanical arm continually changes shape over a 12 hour period.


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Here's some text from the designer:


While moving to a new house our clock was damaged severely in transport, to a point where it’s minutes- and seconds pointer fell of the central axis, and where just laying in the transparent bubble cover.


Witnessing the random patterns that occurred with the hour pointer still rotating, the first concept for the Continue Time clock was born.

On this Continue Time clock, two out of the three pointers rotate around another pointer, instead of the central point on the clock face, as with traditional clocks.

The resulting kinetic artwork is continuously changing its shape during a full rotation of twelve hours. While creating mesmerizing patterns on your wall the pointers are still read as with any traditional clock.

Technical Information:

Limited edition of 20 pieces + 1 artist proof.
Material: aluminum, brass.
Design: Sander Mulder.