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Clocks, timers and thermometers by plusminuszero

London Design Festival 09: Japanese brand plusminuszero will launch their first UK collection at the twentytwentyone showroom in London this September.


The showroom will also house an exhibition of works by plusminuszero creative director Naoto Fukasawa.


The UK range will include a series of clocks, digital timers and thermometers. See more stories about clocks..

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Here's some more text from twentytwentyone:


Plus Minus Zero – the UK launchtwentytwentyone are proud to announce the UK launch of the much-lauded Plus Minus Zero collection during London Design Festival. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the growing series of functional products has been widely acknowledged since the company inception in 2003.

Several designs are already part of Museum collections and have been recognized through international design awards. The electronic designs have been developed to meet European standards and forges a new vocabulary in aesthetics and functionality. The non-electronic products in the collection offer diversity of materials and use.


Naoto Fukasawa designs

An exhibition of wider works by the designer will also be hosted to coincide with the launch.

The collection is detailed and produced to exacting quality levels. Plus Minus Zero fuses thoughtful and intellectual content with humane and sculptural qualities. The availability of the Plus Minus Zero collection to the UK market place is a highly significant juncture in the accessibility of progressive domestic designs to the British consumer. twentytwentyone are proud to be responsible for the distribution of this collection. As design director of Plus Minus Zero, Naoto Fukasawa has created a collection and brand with unique qualities. “Plus Minus Zero is trying to create good things in spheres that, while being considered necessary by everyone, haven’t really had ‘design’ applied to them."


"What’s clever about his work is that it’s very, very simple, and as any designer will tell you, the simpler things seem, the more difficult they must have been to design,” Marc Newson. Naoto Fukasawa has won over fifty international awards for his work. He began his design career with Seiko-Epson, later moving to California to work for IDEO. In 1996 Fukasawa returned to head the IDEO office in Tokyo. By 2003 he had set up his own studio and taking on commissions from a worldwide client base. Naoto Fukasawa Design work on a diverse range of projects including furniture, lighting, electronics and bathrooms.


Fukasawa is a Professor at Musashino Art University, visiting lecturer at Tama Art University and has authored several books." Fukasawa is one of the few designers who doesn’t add to the design chaos around us, but provides a refreshing contrast.” Dieter Ramsshop. "He has a natural ability to come up with obvious ideas in unexpected ways, and to combine fun and seriousness in perfect balance. Naoto’s work is just better than other people’s.” Jasper Morrison.

Plus Minus Zero & Naoto Fukasawa designs
twentytwentyone showroom 23 – 27 September 2009.