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100% Inspiration: Phil Nutley, William Smith, Dominic McCausland and Andy Martin

London Design Festival 09: In this third installment of movies for 100% Design and JAM, Phil Nutley (above), William Smith, Dominic McCausland and Andy Martin present objects they feel best represent 100% Design.

Above: Phil Nutley presents his grandfather's binoculars

Above: William Smith shows a movie of an automated wire-bending machine

Above: Dominic McCausland explains the significance of the pencil sharpener

Above: Andy Martin presents a brick

Watch an introduction to the project by Jamie Anley of Jam Design - creative directors of 100% Design trade show in September - in our previous story.

Watch all our movies about the 100% Inspiration feature.

Here’s some information from 100% Design:

100% Design is one of the few international trade fairs that has had a panel since its inception in 1995.  The panel have played an integral part in shaping the quality and vision of 100% Design throughout the years and remain a key force in the level of exhibitor quality and visitor experience.  As part of celebrating 15 years of 100% design we are dedicating a feature at the show to the 100% Design panel.

This will be a totem to their unique voices and diverse design experiences.  Each panel member has selected an ‘idea’ or an ‘object’ that captures the spirit of 100% Design for them.  The panel member profile and selected pieces will be displayed at 100% Design along with short films where some of them are seen presenting their idea.

Don’t miss the 100% Inspiration feature at 100% Design London, 24-27 September at Earls Court, London.

Register Free before 18 September via