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l House by moomoo architects

Polish architecture practice moomoo architects have designed a house that will be clad entirely in a plastic insulating material normally used for roofing.


To be located in Łódź, Poland, the design is based on that of traditional Polish houses but the roof rises steeply towards one end of the building.


One wall will protrude from the residence at an angle to accommodate planning laws that mean the building's facade should be built parallel to the boundary of the site.


Construction will be completed in 2010.


Here's some text from the architects:


l_house_ text

It is the first house whose elevation has been made entirely of a plastic insulating material -Thermopian.


Usually, this material has been used only for roofing.


Thermopian has good thermal, acoustic and insulating properties and it can have any required colour.


We were intent on the house form to relate to the proportions of a Polish house but at the same time we wanted it to be simple and redefined.


One distinctive leaning wall is a result of a compromise between a simple shape and the local law, which requires building in line with plot borders.