Competition: win stickers by Hu2 Design

Dezeen and vinyl sticker designers Hu2 Design have collaborated to give five readers the chance to win wall stickers.


Hu2's latest collection is designed to help people remember things like turning off light switches and taking everything they need when leaving the house.


"If your power was supplied by your guinea pig, you wouldn’t let him run for nothing when you leave the room, would you?" says Hu2 artistic director Romain Ferrer.


One winner will receive a Hamster Wheel sticker (top image) plus two more designs from Hu2's website. Four runners-up will each receive a Hamster Wheel sticker.

This competition has now closed.

Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page.

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Here's some more information from Hu2:


Our Story

Hu2 Design started two years ago as a market stall in Brick Lane market, London, in the very heart of the city’s most trendy area. Since then it has been growing at a healthy rate.

Hu2 Design specialises in vinyl sticker design for walls, ceilings, floors, skirting boards, cornices, mirrors, laptops, furniture and windows, fridges, outside, inside; any smooth surfaces you can think of. While there is a generous selection of stickers designed by Hu2’s designers, you can also commission your own design.

By bringing together diverse talents from different areas of expertise, Hu2 Design is able to provide unique and innovative designs for a vast range of clients, both private and corporate. If you are in the business of making a statement, Hu2 Design is for you.

Our Ethos

All Hu2 Design stickers are unique and exclusive, commissioned pieces or off-the-peg stickers.We only sell our own designs (except for the Banksy Tribute of course). Hu2 Design draws its influences from the East London Universe, Pop Art, the 80’s and Street Art and the roguish attitude of subcultures that govern the aesthetic of the urban environment.

The team here at Hu2 Design has an inquisitive and alert sense of aesthetics. Our innovative graphics and glamorous touch ensure that anyone can find what they’re looking for.

All Hu2 Design’s products are designed and manufactured in London, UK.

The material

This fine and malleable vinyl bonds with walls, and can easily be applied on walls, skirting boards, cornices. We make sure we are using the most qualitative vinyl (70 micron Monomeric Calendered Soft Handle Vinyl), UK made.


Hu2 vinyl can be wiped clean and be applied indoors and outdoors. Applied on interior surfaces it lasts for a minimum of 5 years and 3 years on exterior surfaces. Hu2 Design vinyl stickers do not leave any residue on your chosen surface. However, we do recommend that you check the age and quality of the plastering and paintwork beforehand.

Recent News

With a new artistic direction, we have been able to set ourselves apart from our competition by introducing elements making our products interact with the environments they are applied in.

Hu2 Design’s innovative new range of stickers transcends the purely decorative, and allows you to organise your life in an imaginative and practical way. Amongst this new range, Hu2 Design has developed a collection for kids, a range of helpful vinyl transfers for forgetful adults and those who like things in their place, and a range of chalkboard designs on which you can write and erase your own messages.

Hu2 Design’s last big hit was the launch of the Flying Pig, which is being sold online for a symbolic pound (£). The sticker has been distributed to the lovely people of Shoreditch, London, during a viral marketing campaign aiming to show people how easy it is to install a wall sticker.

Congratulations to the winners! Michael Hadida in the USA wins a hamster sticker and a choice of two further stickers from the Hu2 website. Elena Tsoka in Greece, Ekachai Pattamasattayasonthi in the USA, Rahadian Yudhoangkoso in Indonesia, Edouard Perves in France and Signe Lonholdt in Denmark all win a hamster sticker each.