Frost by Mars

Korean designer HwaSung Yoo of Mars has designed a table and chair made of extruded aluminium with a cross-section inspired by frost patterns.


Plates of extruded material in various lengths and 200mm widths can be attached to make table tops, seats and chair backs.


These are combined with leg supports of varying lengths to make the required pieces of furniture.


HwaSung Yoo completed the project while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden.


The project was exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan earlier this year.


Here's some more information from the designer:


HwaSung Yoo (Mars) – Frost

Our fraught world of mass-production proves innovation is not always an invention of something new. HwaSung Yoo takes an artistic approach to re-innovate the common, existing technology of mass-production with a poetic twist. Through today’s technological precision of extrusion moulding, frostlike patterns are created as cogs for constructing furniture with an added ability to adjust parts and create different variations.


I humbly believe that project ‘Frost’ was challenge for creation. It would be challenge of machine-made to hand-made. I hoped to show that common industrial mass production ways are possible to be an artistic creation as well, depend on how we control and use them. Of course, they still involved their own functional strength as parts of machine.


Aluminium furniture modules by extrusion

The tables and the chairs are composed with the legs and the plates. Otherwise, most of them have different size from purpose. How do we adjust size and proportion of them?

Basically, frost table and chair are made by same modules. For example, all of plane parts formed by combining same profile. They only have different length of their role. In other words, a one piece of profile for panel has approximately 200mm width, and it designed in order to combine each other. And these pieces make plate elements that we need for the furniture and also legs are based on same module.

What do you need in your space? Desk? Table? High-back or low-back chair? Bench? How much size do you need?

Pattern of the Frost

This frost pattern is inspired from the phenomenon of freezing.

It is a modernizing of ancient patterns, which mostly decorate ancient wooden furniture itself. In other words, Frost pattern is presenting how modernize ancient decoration of furniture with the common technology of mass-production. Through this modernizing, a pattern has gotten a function, which is combining each other.

A pattern of the Frost is expressing emotional aesthetic and providing fulfilled function for constructing furniture.

Repeated patterns extend space and purpose.

Approaching to innovation and creating with a poetic twist connecting between modern and ancient, decoration and function and artistic and engineering.


Extruded shape, how realize this enchanting form by hand-made? It might be biggest character of Frost. I could be humble to say that, ‘Real things are better than photos.’