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Bow-Wow Stool by Morten Emil Engel

Copenhagen architect Morten Emil Engel has won a competition to design stools that will furnish an exhibition building by Japanese architects Atelier Bow-Wow at the Krabbesholm Højskole in Skive, Denmark.


Manufactured by PP Møbler in Denmark, each stool is carved from one piece of solid oak.


The design will be on show at CODE 09 and Danish Design Centre SHOWHOW as part of Copenhagen Design Week, which begins today.


Here's some more information from Morten Emil Engel:


Bow-Wow Stool
designed by architect Morten Emil Engel

Morten Emil Engel has won the international competition to design a stool for a new exhibition building in Krabbesholm Højskole by Japanese architects, Atelier Bow-Wow.


The stool is carved from one solid piece of oak wood to provide a rugged, organic, joint-free, highly durable piece of furniture made to last for generations. No screws, glues or chemicals are used in the making, only organic oil for surface treatment.


The stool can thus be composted at the end of it's lifespan to provide nutrients for future growth and complete a cradle to cradle cycle.


All stools are completely unique due to variations in color, grain, pattern and texture of the wood and the stool tells the story of the tree it originated from thereby further reinforcing nature’s beauty and imperfections by revealing it's age and characteristics that make each piece unique.


The design embraces imperfections such as cracks and crevices that naturally occur during drying as well as the slight changes in form that happen with shift in humidity and reaction to weather.


The stool was designed by Morten Emil Engel in 2009 and is manufactured by environmentally friendly and acclaimed furniture makers PP Møbler in Denmark.


Bow-Wow Stool will be exhibited during the Copenhagen Design Week at the following events:

CODE 09 international furniture fair in Copenhagen from 27 August - 30 August 2009
Danish Design Centre SHOWHOW exhibition from the 27 August - 6 September 2009.