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Garden By Be Area by Kazutoyo Yamamoto

Japanese designer Kazutoyo Yamamoto of Dessence has created a beauty salon featuring hanging vines in Saitama, Japan.


Called Garden By Be Area, the project aims to bring the outdoors in by separating booth-like spaces with suspended vines.


A ceiling of foliage covers the hair-washing area, which features parquet flooring and wooden cabinets.


The glass-fronted waiting room features two large trees and wooden furniture.


The exterior of the salon is clad in a reflective, faceted surface.


Yamamoto says he sought to create a space "that expressed harmony with modern nature".


Photographs are by Noriyuki Yano / Nacasa&Partners Inc.


Here's some more information from Dessence:


"Garden" is born in the woods and the forest by add hand of human. And, it was thought that the space where the human coexisted with nature there was born.


It is connected with nature through "tool=artificial material" when we are connected with nature in the garden in our time.


I was able to feel hand of human (artificial material), and aimed at the space that expressed harmony with modern nature.


Project : GARDEN by be area (Beauty Salon)
Site : Saitama,Japan
Concept : The human and nature through "garden".
Designed by Kazutoyo Yamamoto / dessence
Photo by Noriyuki Yano / Nacasa&Partners Inc.