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Hack Chair by Ronen Kadushin

Berlin designer Ronen Kadushin has created a chair made of a single sheet of metal and published the design so that it can be downloaded, manipulated and produced by anyone.


Kadushin has made the CAD files for the design - called Hack Chair - available under a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone can download, copy, alter and produce the chair.


His prototype is made of 6mm thick aluminium, laser-cut and folded into shape.


Here are some more details from Kadushin:


Hack chair prototype

Following a warm response to my design work from the hacker community, I chose a literally "hacked" look for this experimental chair prototype. Like most of my designs of the last five years, it is an Open Design, meaning, its design CAD files can be freely downloaded, copied, modified and produced by anyone, without special tooling, under a Creative Commons license .


Open Design tunes to an essential cultural wave: towards open and freer information and Web collaborations. It is based on the principles of the already successful Open Source method that revolutionized the software industry, and gave birth to a social movement that is cooperative and community-minded. It couples web distribution of design with flexible CNC production to encourage free creative development and direct contact between designers and consumers.


The Hack chair is one piece of laser cut 6mm aluminum and hand bent. The outcome is stable and even sort of comfortable with its flexible back. You are welcome to see and use more Open Designs from my website.